Hello dear friends. As many of you know I haven´t been using the web so much. My custommers are very used to Instagram, and eventually it got easier to post there and take commissions informally.

Minifee Rendia in tan skin

I´m thinking I should take my business (even) more seriously, and over all, something that makes my life easier and I can spend more time creating, improving and offering the best service to my custommers. Although dealing with the administration of a website is something totally out of my comfort zone, I think it could be easier for me to get your orders and feeling less stressed managing the commissions through instagram.

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Anyway, these are just thoughts for the moment, I have to see if what I have in mind can be achieved with this website and think about what is better for me and my custommers. Also I will publish a new price list. I saw myself in the need to value my work and revise some of my services cost.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope I can be publishing more from now on. Sending big hugs!