Hi dear friends I´m here to answer all those questions people use to ask me.
I will like to answer all your doubts, so please, if your question is not answered here, feel free to post a comment below and I will add it to the list when I can =)

Here we go!

About dolls

Q: What are these dolls?

A: These dolls you can mostly see in my galleries are Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD), as their name says they are formed by pieces that set together by a system of jointed balls and elastic strings. Here is a link to Wikipedia´s description, since is useless I rewrite this again =)
These beautiful dolls are the pilar of this hobby, and they are quite delicate and expensive. You can usually choose make up option from the different sellers, but lots of people decide to take their owns blank to do their face ups or sent their dolls to doll artists all over the world. And here is where I come in, as you know or have guessed I´m a face up artist, and that´s why you can see many doll heads in my galleries

Q: Do you sell these dolls?

A: Nope and yes. I´m not a dealer, and I don´t sell all the sculpts you see in my galleries, but I´m starting as a BJD sculptor and I released my firsts heads MSD sized, Enni and Enni Sweet Elf. You can check my prices and sculpt projects in this blogsite.

About sculpting

Q: How do you make these dolls?
A: I tink every sculptor uses their own ways and techniques, I will link a useful page where you can see the steps to follow HERE… I have no more secrets except patience and time working on the piece.
Q: What materials do you use?
A: I use Ladoll white clay, modelling tools, and lots of different grades sanding paper for when the piece is dry.

About makeup

Q: How much time do you spend in a sole face up?

A: Lately I started working in chain, since is better for some parts of the process, so it´s difficult to say exactly how much time I spend. Approximately I´d say around 4-5 days in finishing an unique face up. Anyway the thing changes when I´m working on several dolls and it can take weeks, since working on multiple commissions require organization, drying times, I also schedule time for preparing parcels and shipping, and it gets more complicated than only painting a single doll. And of course this time will depend on the kind of commission.

Q: What materials do you use?
A: I use a variety of materials, brushes in all sizes, I use to choose watercolor brushes; softpastels, I like rembrandt, but also tryed Mungyo and they are not bad! For the pencils I like the most Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils. I also use different glitter powders, mostly Pearl-ex. For airbrushing I prefer Gouache instead of acrylics, but I´ve used both. I´ve tried different sealants too, but mostly I work with MSC and Tamiya. For the final touch, I use acrylic gloss or brilliant barnish.
Q: How to make fine lashes?
A: Eyelashes (and fine lines) are the most difficult part to me, and I bet that for lots of other artists too. It took me like 4-5 years to make lashes as I do now, so my advice is finding the material you ar comfortable with, and practice with lots of patience. I prefer pencils but maybe you will be better with a fine brush, that´s up to you =)