Her story:


Enni is very special to me. She was my very first attempt at sculpting and she means a lot. I remember I was working on her when I only dreamed of becoming a freelance and working based on my art skills. When she was finished and the first preorder received that amount of love, I was able to take the encouragement I needed to start a new life full of challenges and fear, but she gave me the strenght to go on.

Enni represents joy, innocence and will of living life enjoying little things. I think she represents some of my personal characteristics. Everytime you adopt a little Enni, you adopt that part of me, when I was afraid and excited about what was going to come, and the joy and pride I feel everyday being able to work how I always dreamed. Thank you so much!!

Availability and How to order here.

At the moment, all the Enni and Enni Sweet Elf heads have been casted by Dollshe Craft in their Oriental Skin tone. The price per head is 100 euros and they can only be purchased in my preorders. In every preorder the half of the price will be paid in concept of reservation and the other half will be paid when the heads are ready to be shipped to their new homes. Also, make up option will be available with every head paying the custom make up work. (To know more about the preorders and keep tuned, please, subscribe to my newsletter) They match with MSD bodies, such as Fairyland, Luts or Unoa. (With the Minifée body you will need to remove Fairyland´s neck piece, and instead of it, use a regular hook).